Our Story

Evolution of Sweet Sally's Soaps to

Sweet Sally's Scents

Hi, I'm Sarah creator of Sweet Sally's Soaps from now on to be know as Sweet Sally's Scents. Sweet Sally's Soaps was created back 2008 and over the years has gone through many changes. But the biggest change is the recent name change.

Why the name change you might ask, well early 2023 the decision was made to move away from soap making and focus more on other bath and body products. Specifically products that combined essential oils and crystals.

I have long studied aromatherapy and last year became very interested in the healing powers of crystals. So combing the two seemed a natural progression.

For more information about aromatherapy and crystal please visit my new blog Seeker of Beauty.

Many of Sweet Sally's Soaps original products are still being made, such as lotions, scrubs, shampoo bars, and bath bombs. And once and a while some soaps might be available during holiday seasons.